[dev] Discussion on "Linux Foundation Networking Projects"

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Nov 29 23:05:15 EST 2017


We got approached by the Linux Foundation about some new "Linux
Foundation Networking Projects" Umbrella they are planning to set up to
combine various network projects.

We (FRR) are a Linux Foundation project, but a lightweight one at this
time, with basically only the assets held by the LF, so very unlike
other projects which had formal companies set up with funding through
the LF etc.

They are in the process to form a new "Linux Foundation Networking
Projects" umbrella and the TSC was approached to see if we are 
to join this.

I expect the LF wants a decision by around mid December, so I want to
discuss this at the next meeting.

At next weeks meeting (Dec 6) there is ONLY a discussion, no decision 
be made. However, the TSC is likely to make a decision the week after.

Join the call to raise your opinions or just to listen on everyones

 From the original meeting invitation by the Linux Foundation to the 

> Hello Open Source Networking Project Developers:
> The Linux Foundation is proud and humbled to host such a collection of
> critical and influential open source networking projects for 
> enterprise,
> cloud, and carriers alike.  Over the past 5 years these projects have
> formed, grown, and matured into key infrastructure components on which
> tomorrow’s networking solutions are based.
> Through this journey, members across various networking projects have
> requested alignment of the business governance and a greater 
> opportunity
> for technical leverage and collaboration.  To that end, the Linux
> Foundation has embarked on a plan to provide a structure that allows 
> for
> aligned governance & cross project collaboration while maintaining the
> technical independence of all projects.
> To explain this exciting opportunity, answer questions, and get your
> feedback, we are hosting a pair of Webinars next week on Nov. 6th, and
> 7th.  If you’ve been hearing about “Harmonization”, and/or 
> “Umbrella”
> activities and want to understand where we are with those initiatives,
> please join us for this Webinar.

If you want more details, then please listen to the recording of the 
call at

- Martin Winter

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