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Owais Ahmad pingads11 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 18:32:00 EST 2018

Hi All,

Can someone guide me how I can achieve following implementation ? I don’t
have high class computer science education or university degree so that’s
why apologies in advance if following seems

Inappropriate or something like that. I just have this question in my mind
which I want to clear. I am not big fan of IPv6 so that’s why want to
extend functionality of IPv4.

I want to have IPv4 all public addresses assigned to each country. It’s
like I want to subnet total of Public live IP to each with their country
code prefix.

Let’s say for Latvia it should be*.371*

For US it should be*1*

End user when he want to handle IP based communications he should know the
live/public IP and suffix of that country where servers is hosted


otherwise router which on the edge network with custom routing protocols
should  at least knows default zone when no suffix is assigned. Then it
should automatically this append suffix  it to requested IP


User pings

ping 216.58.207

and router replies


Same is case with DNS based communications.

When user

Ping google.com.lv # the DNS server should automatically resolve it on base
of suffix and add country code to it


Otherwise DNS server should automatically add country code of
default/current region IP address to it e.g. if there is no google.com
server hosted in Latvia it should append Germany code to it


These are things are mainly to be handle by routing protocol beside DNS
resolving job.

Also subnetting and NAT/PAT stuff remains same for each country under the
umbrella of whole world`s public IP assigned to them. Even end users device
seems to be independent of knowing the change.

One if thing which is also great is from security point is that IP masking
will be difficult as router will miss handle the communications if device
with suffix of Latvia is placed in Germany.

Please do let me know if any flow diagram required and comments Even bad
ones are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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