[dev] Topotest updates. Also: Docker

Christian Franke chris at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Dec 12 13:40:47 EST 2018

Hello everyone,

as you may or may not have notices, there have been some changes to the
way we handle topotests.

There have been two major changes:
a) topotests have been integrated into the frr repository
b) topotests have gained docker support

This mail is intended to give a brief overview of what this entails.

# Topotests in FRR

The topotests have moved from their own repository to
tests/topotests in the main FRR repository.

All the history has been imported and they can be used from this
location just as before.

However, this change enables us to send new topotests along with new
features. Also it removes the hassle of checking which FRRouting version
is running from the topotests.

# Topotests docker support

Raphael and me have come up with a Dockerfile and accompanying shell
scripts which can be used to build a docker image which provides an
environment suitable to run the topotests in.

This is purely an addition to the existing topotests. They can still be
run as before.

However, they can also be run by executing `make topotests` on any
docker enabled system. (For now it's Linux only, but theoretical OS X
should be possible)

This relieves you from having to figure out how to install an Ubuntu
with mininet, exabgp, libyang, etc. etc, as this part is done by the

More details about this can be found here:

This feature is relatively new, so there might still be a few dragons,
but generally, it should be ready for a test drive, if you feel so inclined.

Feel free to provide bug reports and suggestions for improvement, or
better yet: pull requests. :)

All Best,

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