[dev] notes from 12/18 dev meeting

Mark Stapp mjs at voltanet.io
Tue Dec 18 12:22:29 EST 2018

I've been asked to make some notes about the weekly FRR meetings, so I
thought I'd circulate them generally as well. These are ... terse, but if
there's something that should be clarified or something that's just plain
wrong, please just let me know and I'll correct it.


* end-of-year review (Donald uses the word "introspection" !)

** DS: effective release schedule, community working together;
   to-improve: improve test infra to catch issues earlier (general
   murmurs of agreement about this...)

** Alastair: +community, comm. interest

** DL: need more publicity: about features, traction, viable

** DSlice: conference participation to raise profile too? (beyond ietf
   and netdev)

* publicity/CFP reminder for next netdev, before Prague ietf

* issues review

** DS: unowned/poorly-supported features (dmvpn is the example) a
   problem; we get questions, but then it's hard to help with
   questions/issues. any ideas about how to fill in these sorts of

* PR review

** isis northbound: Russ agrees with Christian about coupling isisd and
   config changes, so wants to revisit the topic, maybe? Renato says,
   let's take the PR and make progress. DS: I'll just merge it?
   DL: doesn't like the half-way, inconsistent
   situation if merged without fabricd changes. Renato: maybe could
   help re-unify with fabricd in near future. topic *will* come up
   again if we don't get fabricd done, so merging isisd now, but will need
   to pay attention to fabricd.

** debian package and working branch for 6.0.1 update: settling, DL
   wants to release 6.0.1, then do incremental packaging work on the
   (new) dedicated debian release branch. DL will forward-port to
   master once it passes muster with the deb folks.

** DS PR to try to begin intro of support for topotests on *bsd, by
   improving infrastructure. Some other discussion about making topotests
   more particular about what is tested, so that an unexpected skipped
   test will be reported.

* no meetings on 12/15, 1/1 - so Happy Hols to all...
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