[dev] MPLS SWAP and POP configuration issue

Vijayalakshmi vijayalakshmi.marudhanayagam at veryxtech.com
Fri Jul 13 02:48:53 EDT 2018


We are currently working with simulating a PE router in MPLS architecture.
We run zebra and ldp with below configuration
and facing issues in swapping and popping of label in zebra.

In my MPLS table I have the following entries,

zebra_2# show mpls table
  Inbound                            Outbound
    Label     Type          Nexthop     Label
--------  -------  ---------------  --------
       16      LDP         3
       17   Static        18

But still zebra is not swapping the label and also not forwarding the 
received traffic (inbound label 16/17) to the respective nexthop.

Is there any special command to activate mpls configuration ?
Can someone help us in a configuring zebra MPLS to pop label and swap label?


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