[dev] Error trying to install frrouting on Ubuntu14

Fabio Zaccantte zaccantte at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 12:11:10 EDT 2018

 Hi there,

I'm trying to install frrouting on Ubuntu12 and Ubuntu14 through
https://github.com/FRRouting/frr.git and i always end up with the error

ubuntu at ubuntu-vm:~/git/frr/vtysh$ sudo /etc/init.d/frr start
Loading capability module if not yet done.
Starting Frr daemons (prio:10):.1024
 zebra (binary does not exist).1024
 bgpd (binary does not exist).1024
 ripd (binary does not exist).1024
 ripngd (binary does not exist).1024
 ospfd (binary does not exist).1024
 ospf6d (binary does not exist).1024
 isisd (binary does not exist).
Starting Frr monitor daemon:1024
 watchfrr/sbin/start-stop-daemon: unable to stat /usr/lib/frr/watchfrr (No
such file or directory)
ubuntu at ubuntu-vm:~/git/frr/vtysh$

Could someone please help me.

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