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I have a radio that talks only SNMP. I need to interface the radio with IP network which runs OSPF routing protocol.
So I have a radio compute platform in between the rotuer and the radio which performs SNMP GET on certain RF parameters, converts it into DLEP metrics and passes it onto a DLEP stack.

I am presently using MIT-LL's LL-DLEP-master stack.

I have an ubuntu PC running FRR stack and DLEP stack on the other end which will interface the radio network with the OSPF network. I need an IPC to communicate between the two. As of now, my stack only passes mtrics to another machine which runs the DLEP stack.
I need to find a mechanism to either directly pass the DLEP metrics onto the FRR stack or do it through the linux kernel. I need to integrate the DLEP route into the OSPF table of FRR and distrubute it to the network.

Can you suggest some means to do this? You can refer to teh attached ppt for a basic representation of info flow.


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DLEP can do a number of things and therefor be integrated in a few
different ways.  (FWIW I did a review of the draft version of 8175 for
the IETF routing directorate which lead me to doing some DLEP extensions.)

- It can provide reachability of neighbors (DLEP destinations) at the
MAC and IP level.

     IMO this can feed the arp/nd table, as well as zebra NH tracking

     This can also be used with a MAC or MANET-type routing protocol
(tracks reachability of net endpoints/stations) such as OLSR

- It can provide some metrics (rate, latency, MTU, etc) related to the

- It can be used to provide igmp {*,G} state

- It can provide prefixes reachable via a DLEP destinations

     This can be used in place of a subnet routing protocol -- which I
personally don't think is generally the right answer.

- It can provide control plane based flow control

If interested in seeing code, see


Which of DLEPs functions are you looking to support? Are you working on
a routing protocol that will integrate with DLEP?


On 3/5/2018 6:29 AM, Christian Franke wrote:
> On 03/05/2018 05:04 AM, Susheela Francis wrote:
>> I have an independent DLEP stack. I have not been able to see the linux kernel routing table.
>> The stack passes 5 metrics to its peers. The 5 metrics are Maximum Data Rate, Current Data Rate, Latency, Resources and Relative Link Quality. (Reference RFC 8175)
>> I also have a program to convert DLEP metrics to OSPF metrics.
>> I need the DLEP stack to talk to FRR so that I can pass the radio information on to the other OSPF speaking routers on the network?
>> I can think of only two ways to do this
>> 1. Integrate DLEP with FRR (as a daemon), if there is a provision for that.
>> 2. Make the two stacks talk using the kernel routing table?
>> Can you please share your thoughts on the same?
> Is there some information about DLEP and OSPF interact?
> I am wondering whether DLEP is installing routes of its own or if it is
> just providing information about the link to interested (routing)protocols.
> If it's the latter, wouldn't it make sense to have some pub-sub
> mechanism on the side of the DLEP stack so that interested daemons, e.g.
> OSPF could subscribe?
> (At least roughly that is what I used here
> https://git-us.netdef.org/projects/OSR/repos/quagga-isis-srcdest/commits/316c2480a98dfb28d55865e90943c0e4a791f548#isisd/isis_etx.c
> when I had an external protocol providing metric information to IS-IS)
> All Best,
> Chris
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