[dev] Integrating DLEP with FRR

Lou Berger lberger at labn.net
Mon Mar 5 14:55:59 EST 2018

DLEP can do a number of things and therefor be integrated in a few 
different ways.  (FWIW I did a review of the draft version of 8175 for 
the IETF routing directorate which lead me to doing some DLEP extensions.)

- It can provide reachability of neighbors (DLEP destinations) at the 
MAC and IP level.

     IMO this can feed the arp/nd table, as well as zebra NH tracking

     This can also be used with a MAC or MANET-type routing protocol 
(tracks reachability of net endpoints/stations) such as OLSR

- It can provide some metrics (rate, latency, MTU, etc) related to the 

- It can be used to provide igmp {*,G} state

- It can provide prefixes reachable via a DLEP destinations

     This can be used in place of a subnet routing protocol -- which I 
personally don't think is generally the right answer.

- It can provide control plane based flow control

If interested in seeing code, see


Which of DLEPs functions are you looking to support? Are you working on 
a routing protocol that will integrate with DLEP?


On 3/5/2018 6:29 AM, Christian Franke wrote:
> On 03/05/2018 05:04 AM, Susheela Francis wrote:
>> I have an independent DLEP stack. I have not been able to see the linux kernel routing table.
>> The stack passes 5 metrics to its peers. The 5 metrics are Maximum Data Rate, Current Data Rate, Latency, Resources and Relative Link Quality. (Reference RFC 8175)
>> I also have a program to convert DLEP metrics to OSPF metrics.
>> I need the DLEP stack to talk to FRR so that I can pass the radio information on to the other OSPF speaking routers on the network?
>> I can think of only two ways to do this
>> 1. Integrate DLEP with FRR (as a daemon), if there is a provision for that.
>> 2. Make the two stacks talk using the kernel routing table?
>> Can you please share your thoughts on the same?
> Is there some information about DLEP and OSPF interact?
> I am wondering whether DLEP is installing routes of its own or if it is
> just providing information about the link to interested (routing)protocols.
> If it's the latter, wouldn't it make sense to have some pub-sub
> mechanism on the side of the DLEP stack so that interested daemons, e.g.
> OSPF could subscribe?
> (At least roughly that is what I used here
> https://git-us.netdef.org/projects/OSR/repos/quagga-isis-srcdest/commits/316c2480a98dfb28d55865e90943c0e4a791f548#isisd/isis_etx.c
> when I had an external protocol providing metric information to IS-IS)
> All Best,
> Chris
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