[dev] vtysh wrong command log - where does it go?

Michal Ruprich michalruprich at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 09:07:44 EDT 2019


so when I am using the vtysh and typing in commands manually, when I
enter a wrong or non-existing command, I receive an error: '%Unknown
command: COMMAND'. But how do I find out that some of the commands from
my frr.conf file were wrong? I tried both 'log file' and 'log stdout'
together with 'log commands'. With 'log file' and 'log commands' when I
start frr, I can see the commands that were read from the frr.conf, but
when there is a wrong command, no error shows up. Is this correct? The
command is simply skipped.

Now with 'log stdout' I am really not sure where the output gets
redirected. In vtysh I don't see any logs showing up on the screen.
Maybe I am missing something here? Do I miss some configuration
somewhere to redirect the stdout somewhere? I was kind of assuming I
would see the logs in the vtysh itself - sort of how on Cisco devices.

If anyone could share some insight on this, I would be grateful. Thanks.

Michal Ruprich

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