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Wed Dec 11 14:22:41 EST 2019

Hello All,
   As discussed in meeting today. We will meet again at 8:00AM PST on Friday 13th Dec 2019. The link for the meeting is as below.<>

Agenda and topics to be discussed in upcoming meeting.

  1.  Review and conclude Static yang.
  2.  VRF usage conclusion.
     *   We may not be able to use IETF network instance as currently libyang does not support mount option.
     *   Making changes to existing IETF yang to allow VRF at top of the tree.
  3.  Port of all existing IETF Yang which could be used as is or with extensions in to FRR.
     *   Interface yang.
     *   Routing yang.
     *   And so on.
  4.  Issues we encountered with libyang while using standard yang.
     *   Currently if we are using ipv6-unicast-routing from IETF routing yang then libyang goes in a loop.
     *   Remove few augment statements from rib-ext, as it is pointing to path which is not available in ietf-routing.yang

Santosh P K

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