Northbound changes discussion - MOM 13/12/2019

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Fri Dec 13 13:14:26 EST 2019

Hello All,
    Below are the points discussed and concluded in today’s meeting.


  1.  Went over static yang model that has addressed last week comments.
  2.  Currently static yang has its own nexthop defined as we could not use nexthop defined in frr-nexthop.yang.
     *   Frr-nexthop.yang is having only groupings and this would not help for other modules to extend/deviate the same.
     *   Frr-nexthop.yang should be changed and static should make use of the same.
  3.  Code for handling nexthop-group should be part of the library which right now is sitting under zebra so that all the other modules can leverage it.
     *   Mark may have plans for making it a library.
  4.  Port only required IETF yang files in separate PR categorized per protocols.
  5.  Discussed on VRF and how should this be used.
     *   Discussed over network instance defined in IETF. Discussed over restrictions of network-instance in libyang.
     *   Renato will be trying with deviation and see if we can get a workaround for this problem.
     *   Lou suggested to use network instance manually.


  1.  Agreed to change the exiting frr-nexthop.yang to have common container of nexthop and nexthop-groups. Have only minimum set of leaf which are common across all the modules. Augment/deviate this in protocols as they need.

We will meet again on Wednesday 18th Dec 2019 at 8:00AM PST for VRF discussion.

Santosh P K
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