Northbound changes discussion - MOM 18/12/2019

Santosh P K sapk at
Wed Dec 18 13:34:23 EST 2019

    Today we discussed and concluded on how we should proceed with VRF for protocols.

  1.  IETF yang models are bit complex to handle VRF and need to do lot of deviation and augmentation.
  2.  We will move on with private yang for protocols with type and vrf_name as the key.
  3.  Protocol will have a leafref to VRF.
  4.  Current FRR-VRF need more leaf w.r.t RD and RT.
  5.  VRF being leafref means VRF configuration should come first for majority of protocols, but this rule will be relaxed in some cases where IP route nexthop is pointing to next table.
  6.  Agreed to amend existing PR with new way of VRF.

A.I : Santosh/Vishal

  1.  With the new VRF and protocol models agreed, check if all VRF configuration can fit in.
  2.  Come up with mapping table of VRF config to Yang data model.

Santosh P K
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