[dev] Vxlan route updates not going zfpm

Srinivasulu P srinivas.pichika at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 00:33:13 EST 2019


When I checked latest FRR code all Vxlan updates[type2, type5] are going to
Linux kernel. It means VTEP information is not giving to Zfpm from
zebra-rib, like zebra_vxlan_remote_vtep_add, zebra_vxlan_remote_vtep_del,
zebra_vxlan_remote_macip_add, zebra_vxlan_remote_macip_del.
The code flow


Could you please let me know whether my understanding is correct.

For this to work whether I can add "route_node" to rib_queue. Will it solve
the issue. Could you please provide your inputs.


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