[dev] VxLAN and Linux Kernel support

Rubens rubens at bisdn.de
Thu Jun 13 10:33:10 EDT 2019

Hello everyone,

We are currently trying to deploy a VxLAN setup on a Linux distribution
that is based on the Linux Kernel Version 4.9.161, and FRR version
6.0.2. We have as well confirmed that it is working on kernel version 4.20.

It looks like we don't see the ARP request being propagated through the

As it stands, trying to backport the patches required for this feature
does not seem to be working correctly, and it is currently impossible
for us to move forward in the kernel versions.

As such, would anyone be able to give a pointer to some kernel patches,
or other possible solutions that would be able to get the VxLAN
correctly working on this platform by backporting the correct patches?

Thank you,


Rubens <rubens at bisdn.de>

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