[dev] Announcing the 7.5 release of FRR

Donald Sharp sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com
Mon Nov 16 13:48:08 UTC 2020

As an aside, if you are jumping major releases and upgrading to 7.5,
in 7.4 we had this major change in bgp behavior:

Major Behavior Changes
RFC 8212 is now enabled by default. BGP will not advertise or use
routes unless explicitly configured to do so with an export or import

If BGP is establishing peers, but not exchanging prefixes it is
because of this change in behavior.  To get around this, do one of
these things:

A) turn on `no bgp ebgp-requires-policy` under `router bgp` mode in your config
B) Apply route-maps to both incoming and outgoing neighbors:
     `neighbor X route-map FOO in`
     `neighbor X route-map BAR out`
C) Run FRR in datacenter mode where this policy is not turned on by default.



On Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 12:23 PM Donald Sharp
<sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com> wrote:
> All -
> I'd like to announce the 7.5 release of FRR!
> Debian Packaging  - https://deb.frrouting.org/
> Snap Packaging    - https://snapcraft.io/frr
> RPM Packaging     - https://rpm.frrouting.org/
> Github Release    -
> FreeBSd Packaging - Are built and available in FreeBSD packages/port
>   BFD
>     Profile support
>     Minimum ttl support
>   BGP
>     rpki VRF support
>     GR fixes
>     Add wide option to display of routes
>     Add `maximum-prefix <num> force`
>     Add `bestpath-routes` to neighbor command
>     Add `bgp shutdown message MSG...` command
>     Add v6 Flowspec support
>     Add `neighbor <neigh> shutdown rtt` command
>     Allow update-delay to be applied globaly
>   EVPN
>     Beginning of MultiHoming Support
>   ISIS
>     Segment Routing Support
>   VRF Support
>     Guard against adj timer display overflow
>     Add support for Anycast-SIDs
>   OSPF
>     Segment Routing support for ECMP
>     Various LSA fixes
>     Prevent crash if transferring config amongst instances
>   PBR
>     Adding json support to commands
>     DSCP/ECN based PBR Matching
>   PIM
>     Add more json support to commands
>     Fix missing mesh-group commands
>     MSDP SA forwarding
>     Clear (s,g,rpt) ifchannel on (*, G) prune received
>     Fix igmp querier election and IP address mapping
>     Crash fix when RP is removed
>     Northbound Support
>   YANG
>     Filter and route-map Support
>     OSPF model definition
>     BGP model definition
>     Fix build-time errors for some --enable flags
>     Speed up output of configuration across daemons
>     nexthop group support for FPM
>     northbound support for rib model
>     Backup nexthop support
>     netlink batching support
>     Allow upper level protocols to request ARP
>     Add json output for zebra ES, ES-EVI and access vlan dumps
>   Upgrade to using libyang1.0.184
>   RPM
>     Moved RPKI to subpackage
>     Added SNMP subpackage
>   Centos 6 and Debian Jessie have been deprecated
>   As always there are too many bugfixes to list individually.  This release
>   compromises just over 1k of commits by the community, with contributors from
>   70 people.
> thanks!
> Donald

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