[dev] DockerHub FRR images cleanup warning

Quentin Young qlyoung at nvidia.com
Wed Apr 14 22:04:12 UTC 2021

Hi operators,

For those of you who use our Docker images (https://hub.docker.com/r/frrouting/frr), you've probably noticed we have a bunch of messy tags on that repo. I'm planning on cleaning this up in a little while to delete unnecessary / unintentional tags.

Tags corresponding to releases are named vX.Y.Z. So for example, the image with 7.5.1 is "frrouting/frr:v7.5.1". These won't be going anywhere. Neither will the "latest" tag - this tag is an automatic build off of our Git tree. (This also means you shouldn't be relying on it and should always be specifying a release tag, by the way).

I'm going to delete the rest of the tags as they don't correspond to anything in particular. Specifically, I plan on deleting the following tags:


I'm planning on deleting these tomorrow at 5pm EST.

I see that frr-7.3 and frr-7.5.1 have been pulled recently. If you're pulling these tags please use tags v7.3.1 and v7.5.1 instead.


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