[dev] Logging changes for __FUNC__, errno and debug guards

Quentin Young qlyoung at nvidia.com
Wed Apr 21 16:01:59 UTC 2021

All of these changes sound positive to me.

Regarding usage of __FUNC__, I'm not sure if I agree on prefixing all debug messages with the function name. IMO text logs (ie no additional metadata) ought to be kept minimally noisy - if you reach a point where you need to know the function the log message originates from, there are plenty of other ways to do that, like RFC5424, perf, gdb, etc. IMO debugs are "INFO++" logs, something still intended for a user audience, just in excruciating detail.

Your proposed path of going for alpha daemons first sounds good to me. As for when, at your leisure, I suppose.

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Hi again all,

while the previous logging changes I've been working on have all been
non-intrusive - i.e. no touching any zlog_* or flog_* lines - there are
a few things I'd like to do at some point that do touch a lot of the
zlog_* lines:

- "factor out" strerror() / errno printing.  This is why "flog_err_sys"
  exists, it currently does the exact same thing as "flog_err" but the
  idea is that "flog_err_sys" is used when there's some system error and
  errno is valid.  The logging code would print strerror() automatically
  without this being a parameter.  And we can put errno into a keyword,
  like systemd-journald has with "ERRNO=".

  flog_err_sys is already being used in quite a bit of the code, but
  this would need some double checking, and the strerror() argument
  would be removed.

- "factor out" the __FUNC__ argument used on a lot of debug calls.  The
  logging code can prefix *all* debug messages with the calling function
  name, without this being an extra parameter to the call.  Also,
  RFC5424 and journald log targets can include the file/line/func
  information in the message metadata.

- the debug guards could use a dump of massage units too - assimilating
  the if() into the macro and getting rid of the indentation level.  We
  already have DEBUG*() in lib/debug.h plus debugf() in nhrpd/debug.h &
  babeld/util.h.  These 3 should be unified and zlog_debug() marked
  deprecated (i.e. warning on any unguarded debugs)

  A particular consideration for this last item is the "parametrized
  debugs", e.g. "debug bgp neighbor-events <A.B.C.D|X:X::X:X|WORD>"

A lot of this stuff can be done with coccinelle, but it'll be a large
and annoying change, so I'd like to discuss *what* and *when* to do it

(For starters, the 2nd and 3rd thing should happen at the same time
since it's affecting most/all zlog_debug() calls.)

None of this is "urgent" and a lot could also be done in smaller steps,
e.g. converting babeld & nhrpd first.  I'd also make these non-breaking
changes as much as possible, i.e. have old & new forms both work for
some period of time.

Opinions & Comments?


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