[FROG] EIGRP - Zebra version mismatch

Crypto.Troop crypto.troop at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 21:06:05 EDT 2017


With EIGRP I am receiving these messages:
EIGRP: zclient_read: socket 12 version mismatch, marker 0, version 0

I cannot seem to manage EIGRP via vtysh. I add "router eigrp 1" and a
"network x.x.x.x/24" and show run fails to show any EIGRP configs.
I can telnet to EIGRP's TCP socket, but no matter what configuration I put
in, there seems to be no outbound Hello's when I tcpdump my LAN interface.

Other routing daemons such as BGPD are working fine with no errors.

I installed per this:

I am manually running it with
/usr/lib/frr/eigrpd -u frr -g frr --vty_socket /var/run/frr/ -i
/var/run/frr/eigrpd.pid -z /var/run/frr/zebra.vty -f /etc/frr/eigrpd.conf

Any ideas?
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