[FROG] Adding BGP/MPLS VPNv4 route to Zebra

SHAIKH, AMAN (AMAN) ashaikh at research.att.com
Tue Feb 27 11:27:55 EST 2018


I am trying to use FRR/Zebra BGP/MPLS L3-VPN. To make this work, I need to install route in Linux kernel via Zebra at the ingress LSR/PE. Let me explain through an example.

Let's assume the ingress LSR receives following route from the egress LSR/PE:

VPNv4 NLRI = { RD = 1:100, prefix =, label = 100 }, next-hop =

Let's also assume this ingress PE has following route to egress next-hop of

IPv4 prefix =  push label = 20 next-hop =   where is the IP address of the adjacency core LSR.

What's the best way of adding the route for the VPNv4 NLRI to Zebra?

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