[FROG] FRRouting and MPLS

Olivier CALVANO o.calvano at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 09:15:40 UTC 2020


I have just installed FRR for the first time on a Linux CentOS 8
distribution. I am therefore just starting out.

I am gradually reading the forums but there is a lot of information. FRR
manages without worries the BGP and the ISIS which I use regularly on my
cisco routers.

I am now trying to find out if FRR can integrate more deeply into my
network, particularly at the MPLS level. as I understood it is in the
Kernel that this is done and not in FRR, but is there a way to integrate
VRF IP VPN? and the creation of a VLAN type subinterface directly in FRR?

Then last question: Is there an implementation of the Cisco EoMPLS
equivalent in FRR? (xconnect encapsultation mpls)

thank you
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