[dev] FreeBSD port

Olivier Cochard-Labbé olivier at freebsd.org
Tue Jun 27 10:10:14 EDT 2017


I've started working on the frr FreeBSD port (to be included into the
official port-tree) and I've got some questions.

1. I've got a display bug with vtysh: Almost each line end up with a :

I need to setup environment variable VTYSH_PAGER="" for fixing this
problem. Is this a standard behavior ?

2. pimd is enabled by default into the configure script and it compiles
great... but does someone tested it on FreeBSD ? (I didn't reach to use it).
It has a different behavior from the other daemon too: As example it didn't
support the -C/--dryrun option.

3. Regarding snmp configure option: Once enabled, I've got some build error
like this one:

vty.c:561:19: warning: implicit declaration of function 'typeof' is invalid
in C99
size_t nwrite = MIN ((int) strlen (str), VTY_BUFSIZ - vty->cp -
./zebra.h:341:5: note: expanded from macro
({ typeof (a) _a = (a);
vty.c:561:19: error: expected ';' after
./zebra.h:341:16: note: expanded from macro
({ typeof (a) _a = (a); \

vty.c:561:19: error: use of undeclared identifier
./zebra.h:341:16: note: expanded from macro
({ typeof (a) _a = (a); \

4. Regarding the tcmalloc configure option: Where can I find some benchmark
somewhere about the benefits of this feature ?


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