[dev] Multiple FRR installs and the damage done.

Donald Sharp sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com
Wed Jul 18 05:16:24 EDT 2018

All -

Just wanted to document a little bit of a mis-config that I frequently
self-inflict with and have just helped another person resolve.  When
you run one of the daemons, or run vtysh and get this type of message:

root at dev:~/frr# vtysh
vtysh: Symbol `frr_vtydir' has different size in shared object,
consider re-linking
Exiting: failed to connect to any daemons.
root at dev:~/frr#

This means that you have managed to install FRR into 2 different
locations.  How you say?  I've seen it from 2 different methodologies:

1) I've run `./configure ..`, `make` and `make install` 2 times.  With
the first and second configure line being different.  I am now fairly
paranoid about this issue and double check my configure line.

2) I've installed FRR from packaging (a .deb or .rpm ) and then run
`./configure ....` line that installs FRR into a different spot.

How to clean this mess up?

In the undesired set of paths you need to clean up the FRR install,
this includes the lib directories.  I do this with manual `find /path
-name ... | xargs rm -rf`.  I'm sure someone more clever than myself
knows how to do this with `make` but I have not experimented with


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