[dev] Integrating DLEP with FRR

Christian Franke chris at opensourcerouting.org
Mon Mar 5 06:29:28 EST 2018

On 03/05/2018 05:04 AM, Susheela Francis wrote:
> I have an independent DLEP stack. I have not been able to see the linux kernel routing table.
> The stack passes 5 metrics to its peers. The 5 metrics are Maximum Data Rate, Current Data Rate, Latency, Resources and Relative Link Quality. (Reference RFC 8175)
> I also have a program to convert DLEP metrics to OSPF metrics.
> I need the DLEP stack to talk to FRR so that I can pass the radio information on to the other OSPF speaking routers on the network?
> I can think of only two ways to do this
> 1. Integrate DLEP with FRR (as a daemon), if there is a provision for that.
> 2. Make the two stacks talk using the kernel routing table?
> Can you please share your thoughts on the same?

Is there some information about DLEP and OSPF interact?

I am wondering whether DLEP is installing routes of its own or if it is
just providing information about the link to interested (routing)protocols.

If it's the latter, wouldn't it make sense to have some pub-sub
mechanism on the side of the DLEP stack so that interested daemons, e.g.
OSPF could subscribe?

(At least roughly that is what I used here
when I had an external protocol providing metric information to IS-IS)

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